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In the AI 2.0 Era, we provide GPU HPC Service & Generative AI Solutions to empower your Large Language Model application development. Pay-as-you-go or try our free tire for up to 60 days.

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Create your free account to start with 10,000 credits for up to 60 days now! And get more technical documentation free always.

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A full range of professional technical consultations to assist with cloud-based services and AI solutions.

✔ Super Scalable

Explore the exclusive benefits of high-performance computing resources, large storage capacity, and low latency network of the AIHPC supercomputer to support all your large-scale, high-volume, and complex projects and workloads. The AIHPC supercomputer can also accelerate model training and field validation of a variety of industrial intelligence applications, and dramatically reduce budgets and time costs.

✔ Super Efficient

Taiwan’s largest AI intelligent high-performance computing cloud platform, with cross-node and distributed parallel computing, to reduce the medical image processing time by 83%, improve deep learning efficiency by 498 times, as well as accelerate AI model building, new product development, and go-to-market time.

✔ Super Easy

In addition to being easy to get started and on-demand, with a 3-minute rapid deployment of computing environments, our cloud platform provides optimized solutions, resilient, convenient, and affordable services, as well as 24-hour on-site customer services and complete educational training information. It is the best guarantee with low barriers and easy to start.

✔ Super Secure

Our services have been awarded the highest information security rating and verified by many ISO international information security standards, and comply with domestic and international policy and regulatory requirements, such as the HIPAA (U.S.), GDPR regulations (EU), and The Classified National Security Information Protection Act (Taiwan). It has a year-round information security maintenance center and high-quality service level agreements to ensure that sensitive data are processed and stored locally without leaving the country for excellent security.

✔ Super Green

The most energy-efficient high-performance computing host in Taiwan’s history, Taiwania 2, is designed with water-cooling in the entire room and a PUE of less than 1.2. Compared with self-built equipment, it effectively saves 48% of energy, helping industries implement low-carbon manufacturing and promoting ESG carbon reduction layout.

✔ Super Content

We provide diversified AI framework, SDK, software environments, ultra-high performance container computing services (CCSs), high-performance computing (HPC), virtual compute services (VCSs), cloud object services (COSs), and low-code AI tools. The above environments and tools aid in speeding up computing processing, model deployment, and building collaborative environments, which can also integrate 5G, AIoT, and Web3 services.

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