Cloud File Service

It provides users with highly reliable and scalable cloud-based management and shared archive storage space. In addition to supporting various systems and transfer protocols for AI/ML pipeline and data analysis, CFS also allows you to migrate cold data to cold storage, thereby significantly reducing storage costs while meeting long-term data retention needs.

Cloud File Service

Taiwan AI Cloud’s Cloud File Service provides hot and cold data storage areas for data encapsulation and management to help you:

  • Secure container (CCS) and Virtual Compute Service (VCS) creation, and quickly access and share data.
  • Migrate the data to the tape for storage to meet the needs for long-term data storage and retention.
  • Establish a complete data lifecycle management mechanism.


Complete data lifecycle management mechanism.

Secure authentication mechanism with key storage area data encryption for storage in a non-plaintext way.

Convenient query mechanism.

Fast sharing of stored data between members.


  • Archiving and managing data using hot and cold data storage areas.
  • Automatic data transfer and lifecycle management according to user-defined rules.
  • Access rights and data encryption are managed with keys
  • Supporting S3 and SFTP protocols, allowing access to files using third-party software in addition to Taiwan AI Cloud’s user portal.
  • Control access to files by setting sharing permissions for project members.

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