Products and Services

We provide Taiwan’s largest AI high-performance GPU computing cloud resources. TWSC cloud platform adopts cloud-native technology and AIHPC architecture to support all clients’ large-scale, massive, complex projects and workloads with the advantages of AIHPC supercomputer’s high-performance computing resources, huge capacity, and low-latency network, thereby accelerating model training and field validation for various industrial intelligence applications. The main products are “AIHPC-as-a-Service” and “Infrastructure-as-a-Service”.


Container Compute Service

We provide the best fully-managed AI computing environment on Internet. The full container management functionality with super computing power perfectly integrates with the storage . Just a click away from having a fully optimized AI images from NGC.

High Performance Computing

This is the largest, most complete, and classic high performance computing GPU cluster serving in Taiwan. With a focus on parallel computing applications, HPC service offers a large number of GPUs with a 100 Gbps high performance and low latency internal interconnect, so that you may efficiently complete your computing tasks in batches according to your required computing resource.


We provide a one-stop platform of AI tools on a subscription basis to help you prepare data quickly, build models easily, deploy and maintain applications efficiently, and build and manage the lifecycle of AI solutions easily.

Hyper File System

It is a fully-managed file system designed specifically for AIHPC. Hyper File System (HFS) supports both High Performance Computing (HPC) and Container Compute Service (CCS) services to meet various AI and HPC computing needs, reducing your effort on management of file systems.


Virtual Compute Service

Secure, scalable, and on-demand computing resources are provided enabling you to deploy applications and computing work flexibly with web hosting services, and enjoy flexible scheduling and on-demand convenience.

Virtual Disk Service

Specifically-designed for Virtual Compute Service (VCS) to provide stable and reliable virtual disk space for VCS instances.

Virtual K8s Service

Provides a managed Kubernetes containerized service environment, allowing users to quickly deploy and manage containerized applications without specialized container-building knowledge, making it the best tool for deploying web services.

Cloud Object Service

Various data types can be stored and accessed over the network (and it supports S3 protocol). Data can be stored by using APIs. With huge capacity and convenient interfaces, it allows you to pay as you go; without minimum commitment requirements, your data store is both secure and economic.

Cloud File Service

Highly reliable and scalable storage space is provided to support a variety of systems and transport protocols. Your Container Compute Service (CCS) containers and Virtual Computing Service (VCS) instances can thus securely and quickly access and share data, ensuring long-term data retention.

Networking and Information Security

Virtual networks and connection security are offered to establish a secure connection between cloud infrastructure, complete web hosting, virtual networking, and the entire cloud tenants.