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In the era of AI 2.0, Large Language Models (LLMs) are a must-have technology trend for you to master in the future

Business benefits brought by high-performance computing consulting services

Reduced time cost

Reduced exploration time, provide AI project consultants to help accelerate the commercial application of LLMs.

Reduced technical cost

Leading customers into LLM with zero technical barrier and zero startup cost.

Reduced development risk

Based on the verified successful results using TWCC, perform fine-tuning or training for downstream tasks of the enterprise, achieving a one-step move from POC to POB.

Reduced investment cost

No need to prepare investment costs for AIHPC hardware equipment from Day 1, eliminating long-term labor costs for AI technology investment and the retirement of on-premises GPU Capex equipment.

AI 2.0 Era

AFS (AI Foundry Service)

Taiwan AI Cloud has unveiled the first large-scale enterprise-level language model in Traditional Chinese called “Formosa Foundation Model.” This model, built on Taiwan’s Taiwania-2 supercomputer, comprises an impressive 176 billion parameters. It combines semantic understanding and text generation capabilities in Traditional Chinese, offering enterprise-grade, highly secure, and deployable generative AI solutions.

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The Key Technology That Influences the World 
#High Performance Computing

TSMC’s plant expansion, AI models, metaverse applications, 5G implementation, and precise driving of autonomous vehicles are all related to “High Performance Computing (HPC)”, which has driven high-tech companies around the world to invest billions of dollars and has a critical impact on the development of Taiwan’s semiconductor industry. Combined with national policies, Taiwan AI Cloud provides an AIHPC supercomputer with local regulation, compliance, data localization, and sovereign governance, making it the best cloud implementation platform for “AIHPC” that everyone can afford.

AIHPC High Performance Computing

Ultra fast!

Significantly reduce R&D time and cost

High performance

Full original AIHPC architecture: large computing resources + large storage capacity + low latency network

Super Easy!

Quickly enable and adopt cloud-based intelligent applications

Low Barriers

User-friendly, on-demand cloud services, development environment set up in minutes, and multiple flexible payment options

Super Green!

Innovative digital technology drives green transformation

Energy saving and carbon reduction

48% saving on energy compared to self-built facilities, helping industry ESG deployment, and strengthening sustainable competitiveness

Products and Services

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Continuous R&D by the professional technical team in Taiwan; provides high-speed computing using the supercomputer AIHPC that is supported by Taiwan AI Cloud; high security, high efficiency, and low barriers, full protection of your core data; helps to accelerate the development of AI applications for industry and rapidly expand digital business opportunities. 



Our cloud-based services
Combining intelligence and trust

AIHPC’s high performance computing power is combined with a national information security protection system to provide cloud solutions with high elasticity, scalability, and security to meet the industry’s digital development needs, enhance the effectiveness of a variety of AI use scenarios, and create a digital economy ecosystem.