AIHPC High Performance Computing
Efficiently accelerate your AI innovation and business growth

High information security, easy to operate, easy to deploy, and free trial for the full range of TWCC products and services

AIHPC High Performance Computing

Ultra fast!

Significantly reduce R&D time and cost

High performance

Full original AIHPC architecture: large computing resources + large storage capacity + low latency network

Super Easy!

Quickly enable and adopt cloud-based intelligent applications

Low Barriers

User-friendly, on-demand cloud services, development environment set up in minutes, and multiple flexible payment options

Super Green!

Innovative digital technology drives green transformation

Energy saving and carbon reduction

48% saving on energy compared to self-built facilities, helping industry ESG deployment, and strengthening sustainable competitiveness

Products and Services

Our technology power
Your digital development supporter

Continuous R&D by the professional technical team in Taiwan; provides high speed computing using the supercomputer AIHPC that is supported by TWCC Taiwan Computing Cloud; high security, high efficiency, and low barriers, full protection of your core data; helps to accelerate the development of AI applications for industry and rapidly expand digital business opportunities. 



Our cloud-based services
Combining intelligence and trust

AIHPC’s high performance computing power is combined with a national information security protection system to provide cloud solutions with high elasticity, scalability, and security to meet the industry’s digital development needs, enhance the effectiveness of a variety of AI use scenarios, and create a digital economy ecosystem.