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  • Taiwan AI Cloud service is calculated based on the Pricing (1 credit= NTD$1). Please refer to “Pricing” for more details.
  • The more you prepay by online payment, the more rewards you will get.

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After purchasing the coupon, please log in to the Member Center and redeem it. Please redeem your credit coupon within 1 month and spending all your credit within one year is recommended. The coupon is an anonymous redeem coupon so that you can use it yourself or give it as a gift to others.

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Register as a member: It only takes 10 minutes to set up the project functions from scratch. (Please proceed to the next step if you have already registered.)


Sign in here; or click “Buy Now” on the Member Center page; to the Member Center and take an online payment.


Enter the user portal and click on the project to start AIHPC-as-a-Service and secure IaaS service immediately.

Credit Card Payment Discounts

Purchase CreditComplimentary Credit (Rewards)Total Credit to getPrice (USD)
50,000 10,000 60,000
100,00025,000 125,000 $3,200
150,00045,000195,000 $4,800




  • 用多少付多少,每月結帳無綁約
  • 月租模式,享有較低成本使用
  • 超過月租用量則依用量收費,不造成負擔

*The purchase amount is in USD, and the actual charge will be based on the daily exchange rate and the currency you use.

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