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We provide you with optimized cloud solutions for different industry sectors with higher elasticity, scalability, and security options to meet the business needs of digital transformation and innovation in various industries, creating efficient business models and values. 

Smart City

By investing Taiwan AI Cloud's computing resources in local governments' smart city initiatives, our AI ecosystem partners can help local governments develop smart city management applications, such as citizen-friendly smart applications and smart governance in action, in order to improve the quality of life of residents and build a more modernized smart city for the public.


Taiwan AI Cloud provide HIPAA and GDPR-compliant cloud infrastructure and services that accelerate system digital innovation, scientific technology development, pathology data analysis, and business agility with unparalleled confidentiality and security based on the needs of the healthcare system. Vast computing resources and a robust security environment may accelerate explorations in the medical field and service innovation, enhance sensitive data management, and strengthen environmental security compliance

Smart Manufacturing

From supply chain disruption to forging, Taiwan AI Cloud can help manufacturing industries focus more on digitizing and automating production processes. It incorporates AI training services to accelerate management and decision-making, block refining technology to create supply chain visualization, and hybrid cloud architecture to secure AI training data. Enterprises can thus embark on a comprehensive digital transformation, enhance operational efficiency and create a brand new smart landscape.

Financial Services

Taiwan AI Cloud provide a more rigorous national data protection and security compliance cloud infrastructure and services that meet the needs of financial and insurance service providers, energizing the financial and insurance industries and the AI ecosystem with innovation to meet the needs of existing and future clients. By building innovative applications at Taiwan AI Cloud, we are able to adapt to rapidly changing customer behaviors and expectations, and create higher business value for our clients.

Digital Government

Digital Government

We provide secure and compliant cloud computing services according to the needs of government agencies to facilitate cross-unit integration of applications, thereby assisting the government in digital transformation, enhancing administrative efficiency, saving costs, reducing manpower burden, and achieving governance goals.

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