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High Performance x Low Barriers x Energy and Carbon Reduction -- AIHPC High Performance Computing, for the ultimate acceleration of your AI applications and digital business opportunities!

The AI ​​2.0 wave is sweeping global industrial innovation. Head for becoming an AI technology talent and accelerating application research development and implementation? Taiwan AI Cloud is your best choice!
Just 3 simple steps to activate your 10,000 Credits and explore the AIHPC high performance computing of Asia's first commercial AI supercomputer for free!

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  • Each mobile number of a member account is eligible for the application of a single trial project with 10,000 trial credits.
  • The expiry date of a trial project is 15 days after the application (e.g. application date is 1/1 and then 1/15 is the expiry date). Once an expiry date has been reached or the credit has been used up, the trial project and related services are terminated immediately.
  • To convert a trial project to a paid project, Customers should contact a sales representative or Customer Center. Customers must pay for any necessary cost that occurred during the project conversion period.
  • The Company reserves the right to make final modifications, changes, interpretations, and cancellations of any activity of this project.