Cloud Object Service

The function of uploading files directly from the local computer to the Taiwan AI Cloud’s cloud object system is provided, supporting encrypted uploads and downloads. It can be used with Taiwan AI Cloud’s various computing services to store and protect any amount of data, such as data lakes, websites, mobile applications, backups and restoration, archives, and enterprise applications.

Cloud Object Service

Taiwan AI Cloud’s Cloud Object Service provides a large amount of storage space and a secure and rigorous mechanism, which can help you to:

  • Use APIs to complete storage tasks quickly, securely, and efficiently.
  • Save costs by using as much or as little as you need without minimum commitment requirements.


Secure and rigorous storage and access mechanisms, including authentication mechanisms, encryption keys, and underlying encrypted non-plaintext storage.

On-site system and large bandwidth network for excellent domestic transmission efficiency.

An API compatible for easy migration of various programs and software interfaces.

A storage service of high reliability and availability with a perfect balance among cost, space, and reliability.

Private key protection, not shared with tenants or other members.


  • Access rights and data encryption are managed with keys.
  • Data files can be searched directly through the user’s website or by querying metadata.
  • Storage space is divided into public space and private space for personal use.
  • Files can be uploaded, downloaded, viewed, searched, and deleted; folders can be created.

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