Taiwan AI Cloud Leadership

Joe Xie

ASUSTek Computer Chief Operating Officer and Taiwan Web Service Corporation Corporation Chairman

Joe Xie has many years of experience in leading the growth of a company. He has headed the ASUS Motherboard and Desktop Business Group and led the open business groups and AIoT-related businesses, such as boards, peripherals, robotics and smart home solutions, and health business development. He is also the Vice President of the Global Open Platform Business Group. He is the soul of ASUS Group in digital technology, and AIoT innovation and development.

Peter Wu

ASUS Cloud and Taiwan Web Service Corporation President

With many years of experience in cloud services and smart medical innovation and entrepreneurship, Peter Wu is leading the establishment, development, and operation of the Taiwan AI Cloud platform and Taiwania 2, creating the best ranking of international supercomputers and enhancing the capacity of Taiwan’s autonomous technology. He has led Taiwan Web Service Corporation (TWSC) AIHPC Supercomputer and ASUS Cloud to become the leading brand of AI cloud, promoting integrated innovation in cloud, big data, internet of things, blockchain, 5G, and artificial intelligence, assisting IT and industry integration, and driving digital transformation.

Kevin Lee

Taiwan Web Service Corporation Chief Strategy Officer

Kevin Lee has many years of experience in information and communication data, and is familiar with the strategic planning and development of telecom network services, IDC rooms, voice communications, and cloud application services. He is optimistic about the future of the data economy, and believes that AI will be the new power in modern technology and open up a new blue sea leading the industry. He is dedicated to providing efficient computing power and information security solutions with AIHPC cloud service methods.

Steve Chen

ASUSTek Computer Inc. Director and Taiwan Web Service Corporation Chief Technology Officer

With a background in R&D, Steve Chen has excellent technical capacities and is leading the development of the technologies of ASUSTeK Computer’s Open Cloud Infrastructure Software Center (OCIS) and innovative tools for the Taiwan AI Cloud platform. In addition to cloud technology, he has extensive technical experience in software and AI and is leading the company in combining technology and forward-looking technology to offer the latest, fastest, and most complete solutions in the market.

Alex Xie

Taiwan Web Service Corporation Chief Financial Officer

Alex Xie’s expertise in finance and accounting has enabled him to assist various groups in new business development, investment in start-ups, and corporate finance administration, which gives him a diverse and rich vision. Besides the professional experience in management analysis and risk management, but also combines venture capital, start-ups, and industry chain resources to maximize the benefits of the company. He plays an indispensable role in the company’s important strategic and decision-making processes.

Chin-chen Chu

Taiwan Web Service Corporation Platform Engineering Office Director

Chin-Chen Chu is the main driver of the Taiwan AI Cloud platform’s construction team, having served the National Center for High-Performance Computing for more than 10 years. He is also the leader of the computing facilities group. He has been actively conceptualizing AIHPC system requirements from the time he started to lead the AI foresight project to build a world-class computing field. He recruited the core personnel of the Taiwan AI Cloud platform’s construction and operation teams to join the company’s operations. He is aiming for the highest quality of service and serves as a role model for the employees with his dedication.

Hung-fu Lu

Platform Product Development Department Director of Taiwan Web Service Corporation Operation Center

Hung-fu Lu was the former Deputy Director of the Computing Facilities Group of the National Center for High-Performance Computing, where he has worked cross-unit, cross-departmentally, and cross-disciplinarily to organize and communicate for multiple large-scale supercomputer projects, including the Taiwania supercomputer series. In his current role as the Director of Product Development, he is dedicated and passionate about product technology and is able to integrate hardware and software development from user requirements to provide the best solution in the market every time he is given a difficult task.

August Chao

Taiwan Web Service Corporation Technology Center Chief Engineer

August Chao has broken through several impossibilities in the process of the Taiwan AI Cloud platform’s construction. With the goal of playing in the World Cup of cloud technology, he has been working hard on AIHPC technology and techniques. He believes that the provision of cloud services of high availability, high reliability, and high-quality commitment is the biggest achievement. It is because the cloud has neither border nor distance, and is conducive to the development of the data economy, which can show the world Taiwan’s AI power, and take on the challenge of Taiwan’s technological transformation. He also indicates that Taiwan’s experience in building an autonomous technology AI supercomputer from scratch is a model and selling point for developing countries.