One-stop MLOps Service

It offers a subscription-based service of a one-stop AI tooling platform to quickly build and easily manage the lifecycle of AI solutions, helping data scientists and AI / ML developers to quickly prepare data, easily build models, and efficiently deploy and maintain landed applications.


Subscription of OneAI offers:

  • Access a full range of new approaches to AI applications with plan members at any time.
  • Provide AI/ML workflow capabilities to easily build and manage AI/MLOps solutions.


Integrated tools for built-in AI/ML models, offering a variety of scenario templates to enhance model productivity.

Providing container services and custom container images for migrating existing solutions to the cloud, enjoying on-demand resources.

From data import to value tracking, it's a one-stop solution, offering reliable stability and scalable services.

OneAI supports various roles in the AI pipeline.


  • Providing AI workflows for easy management of MLOps solutions. 
  • Shared storage space for quick data sharing among project members. 
  • An easy-to-use container image repository, ensuring secure sharing and convenient collaboration.
  • Flexible hardware configurations, compatible with running containers using images. 
  • Resource monitoring to keep track of usage and the operational status of AI application development.

Application Scenarios

Smart City

The Tainan City Government, utilizing a hybrid cloud architecture combined with Taiwan AI Cloud resources, has created the “City Dynamic Image AI Perception Platform.” This platform addresses various municipal needs by expanding AI models through machine learning, and enhancing image recognition capabilities. It can also integrate real-time image transmission through remote-controlled drones, assisting municipal departments in quickly validating the feasibility of AI application concepts. This, in turn, aids in municipal decision-making and enables rapid iterations to optimize public services.

Smart Finance

Taiwan AI Cloud collaborates with a renowned Taiwanese financial institution to combine blockchain technology with cloud computing resources to build a certificate trading platform. This platform ensures compliance with international standards for certificate transactions, allowing companies to conduct certificate transfer transactions according to their needs, reducing enterprise risks and costs. In the future, it will expand into the supply chain finance sector.

Smart Manufacturing

In traditional factories, data between various plant facilities is isolated and cannot be interconnected. Additionally, there are numerous pieces of machinery with no unified control platform. Taiwan AI Cloud combines hybrid cloud and cloud-based AI training resources to help each plant facility collect data from machine equipment. Through federated learning, these facilities can conduct model training while maintaining data security. This approach effectively allows remote monitoring of equipment information and, through prediction and alerts, achieves process improvements, increased yield, and reduced quality control costs. Ultimately, it aims to establish a digital twin environment.

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