Hyper File System

Taiwan AI Cloud’s HFS provides a fully managed file system designed specifically for AIHPC High-Performance Computing. HFS can be used as a general independent data storage, which is applicable for all types of our Container Compute Services. The high-performance parallel file system provides fast access to each data operation and supports an online real-time expansion of HFS storage space for a great experience. 

Hyper File System

It supports High Performance Computing (HPC) and Container Compute Service (CCS) simultaneously to help you:

  • Eliminate the need to manage your own file system, duplicate files or move data around.
  • Have high IO performance for both large and small files, with high bandwidth data throughput to meet various AI and HPC computing needs.
  • Free set online capacity expansion in /home and /work file storage directories according to actual usage with immediate availability.


Flexible scheduling and scaling, effectively saving storage costs.

High performance, stable, and reliable storage system.

Same high performance for large and small files.

Huge amount of space.


  • Fully-managed file system.
  • Multiple access paths.
  • Supporting SSHFS/ SFTP or multiple communication protocols.
  • Simultaneous support for HPC/ CCS service access.
  • Super IO throughput to accommodate a large number of connections.

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