Cloud Security

The AIHPC supercomputer system’s cloud platform serves as a crucial infrastructure for industrial AI research and development as well as cloud services. Users can leverage the robust telecommunications-grade cybersecurity infrastructure and diverse integrated services to transfer cybersecurity and compliance risks, thereby enhancing confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Information Security Protection Service

Taiwan AI Cloud provides a multi-level information security protection mechanism: In terms of security policy, we not only comply with the Level-A operating requirements of the information and communication security responsibility level but also follow the relevant operating rules and regulations of financial and medical organizations. In terms of operational security, we have integrated protection of management, physical control, and data access to ensure the reliability of the entire platform. In terms of tenant security, we work with partners to provide full tenant security solutions to help users protect the security of data and services.

Six Services

  • Data Security
  • Network Security
  • APT Detection and Sandboxing
  • Security Operation Center
  • Information Security and Management System
  • DDoS Detection and Mitigation


Data Security

  • Micro-Segmentation: Implement virtual host network segmentation to avoid unauthorized data access.
  • Distributed Storages: Ensure data integrity and high availability.
  • Data encryption: Strengthen data security and encrypt and protect sensitive data.

Network Security

  • Network firewall: Control access and traffic flow from the network layer to the application layer with well-designed high-performance firewalls.
  • Intrusion Detection System: Real-time detect and identify network threats of malicious programs and hacker activities to keep platform secured.

APT Detection and Sandboxing

  • APT detection and prevention: Build an automated behavior analysis sandbox to analyze malicious programs and detect botnets for all possible APT activities.
  • Integrate SOC, broadcast APT attack alarms.

Security Operation Center

  • Establish Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform and conduct log collection of heterogeneous equipment and relation analysis.
  • SOC sends alarms and responses to security incidents for threats by monitoring network traffic.

Information Security and Management System

  • Multiple information security ISO standards certified, including ISO 27701 Personal Information Management Systems, ISO 27001:2013 Information security management systems, ISO 27017:2015 Cloud Security Management System, and ISO 27018:2014 personally identifiable information protection. Taiwan AI Cloud keeps strengthening internal security controls to assist users in establishing a safe and controllable environment.
  • Specific non-government agency Level-A compliance with the Cyber Security Management Act.

DDoS Detection and Mitigation

  • Observe the Netflow data of routers. Analyze abnormal traffic in real-time and detect possible DDoS attacks.
  • Provide DDoS protection and effectively mitigate DDoS attacks to platform by a clean pipe.

AIHPC supercomputer system – security compliance

The AIHPC supercomputer system's cloud platform is located in National Center for High-Performance Computing. The information security team has professional skills in systems, networks, databases, programming, digital forensics, and big data visualization. With 7x24 SOC monitoring the intelligent security protection mechanism built with multi-layer defense provides various information security protection measures from the network layer access and application layers, covering communication and system security protection with detection mechanism in depth.


All cloud service of Taiwan AI Cloud adopt the IDC computer room service of Cyber Security Management Act Compliance Level A. AIHPC cloud platform has two certifications of ISO 27017 and ISO 27018, which are the mainstream international standard certification for cloud security, providing enterprise customers higher reliability when using our AIHPC cloud services. In addition, it complies with international standards in energy saving management, personal information protection, and service procedures. The AIHPC cloud platform is also a DCOS®(Data Centre Operations Standard)Level-4 representative. We ensure our services are based on trustable datacenter management, service standards, and security services, providing high-quality Service-Level Agreement (SLA).



Cyber Security Management Act
Personal Data Protection Act


General Data Protection Regulation (EU)
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (US)

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