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AIHPC High Performance Computing

Asia's first commercial AIHPC supercomputer serving the industry

Superior values! Using the power of AIHPC to perform AI operations is like enjoying a first-class flight at economy fare. With high speed and efficient development and services, you are able to achieve the expected goals and business expansions more efficiently!

AIHPC high performance computing: high performance, low barriers, energy saving, and carbon reduction

High Performance

Large computing resources + large storage capacity + low latency network

We provide AIHPC cross-node high-performance computing of extremely high throughput, low latency network of InfiniBand, and efficient storage system design to significantly reduce the development time by several times, and achieve the performance of up to 100 times by combining the computing with data processing and model optimization. It is the best solution to effectively shorten the product development cycle.

With 64 NVIDIA V100 GPUs running in parallel, the performance of Taiwan AI Cloud is compared to that of its international counterpart CSP (Gray Line X)

  • Taiwan AI Cloud HPC cross-node computing achieves an excellent performance of more than 20,000 images per second during AI model training with 39% higher efficiency
  • When using ResNet-50 network and implementing the cross-node mechanism, its performance can be 3x higher than a normal case.

Low Barriers

Easy to use and on-demand cloud services

The costs for building an AIHPC architecture system start from 10 million USD. We provide convenient and reliable cloud services to quickly set up the development environment and charge flexibly according to the demand. By reducing the high fixed costs for server rooms, manpower, information security, software, and hardware, you can easily start using AIHPC supercomputer at a low cost and quickly introduce AI application development.

  • Easy-to-use interface: Build a development environment in minutes through point-and-click
  • Pay-as-you-go service: Second-by-second billing for short term rentals and discounted rebates for long term rentals. We provide multiple flexible payment models

Energy and Carbon Reduction

Helping companies' ESG deployment and strengthening their competitiveness

Nearly one-third of the world’s financial assets are already managed according to sustainability standards. Using Taiwan AI Cloud
is 48% more energy-efficient than building a mainframe facility of the same size, which is in line with ESG investment and development. We can help enterprises accelerate in the AI and digital transformation stage, move towards green transformation and sustainable development, and achieve social benefits with carbon reduction and energy efficiency.

  • The energy efficiency of the server room is 11.285 GF/W, making it the most energy-efficient high-speed computing host in Taiwan’s history.
  • The entire server room is water-cooled, with a measured 1.2 PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) at full load.
  • Compared with the enterprise’s own 1080Ti 8GPU, every 1 Peta AIFLOPS can save 45,000 kWh of electricity with 22.5 tons of carbon emissions per year.

Enhance the benefits of multiple AI usage scenarios through AIHPC

Gene Sequencing

With a huge data volume, gene sequencing and protein detections in medicine can be accelerated by AIHPC.

Pathology Slides

The image data of pathology slides are complex and huge, and the results can be analyzed faster and more accurately by AIHPC.

Transaction Risk Management

Transaction risks often occur in seconds and need to be accurately grasped through AIHPC.

Intelligent Factory

Through massive data operation of AIHPC, the key factors can be identified quicker and more accurately and the factory production line process improvement and supply chain optimization can be implemented.

Customer Segmentation Analysis

Customer segment analysis requires a large amount of information and precise targeting of advertisements. AIHPC computing helps increase company revenue with accurate data.

Metaverse Life

Video streaming and interaction require high real-time performance. 5G and AIHPC computing can reduce latency and improve the sense of reality.

New Drug Development

Pharmaceutical companies use large volumes of clinical trial data, academic papers, and disease, gene, and drug databases. The use of AIHPC can reduce the time and cost required to develop new drugs.


High real-time image detection and computing, with voice recognition and applications, facilitate driving, and enhance safety.

Industrial Simulation

The cost of product development is huge. Products can be developed with the best efficiency through AIHPC model construction and simulation.

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