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5 Advantages of becoming a Taiwan AI Cloud Partner?

Taiwan AI Cloud, an affiliated company of ASUS, provides AIHPC high-performance computing cloud services featuring high performance, low barriers, energy saving, and carbon reduction. Meanwhile, as Asia’s first commercial AIHPC supercomputer (AIHPC-as-a-Service) serving the industry, Taiwan AI Cloud makes cloud services — digital transformation and application modernization available to end users.

Taiwan AI Cloud allows our customers to have access to professional skills, 24-hour customer service, diverse solutions, high-quality Service-Level Agreement (SLA), and comprehensive manuals. Besides, it works to develop an AIHPC ecosphere, attract more new AI innovations and industrial partners to introduce AI into various industries, accelerate the implementation of AI applications, and create more digital business opportunities.


Expand customer base and develop new business lines

Taiwan AI Cloud aims to create new business opportunities based on more customer sources with its new AIHPC cloud services.


Create more revenues

Taiwan AI Cloud works to increase profitable sales via innovation, integrated products, and cloud architecture solutions.


Professional technological supporters

Taiwan AI Cloud consultants offer one-stop technological suggestions to customers’ challenges, gaining greater public praise.


Enjoy rich supplementary sales resources

Taiwan AI Cloud enables customers to get started quickly due to its comprehensive technology supporting documents.


Abundant energy for product innovation

Keeping pace with the times, Taiwan AI Cloud upgrades and develops its applications and innovates solutions for customers to create new value.

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