Networking and Information Security

Taiwan AI Cloud provides virtual networks and connection security to establish a secure network connection for cloud infrastructure to achieve network security such as message confidentiality, transmission authentication, and accuracy. Taiwan AI Cloud’s Load Balancing Service also supports TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, and other communication protocols, so that increased traffic can be assigned to different Virtual Compute Service (VCS) instances to maintain service flexibility, scalability, and high availability.

Networking and Information Security

Taiwan AI Cloud’s Networking and Security services provide virtual network and security management capabilities to:

  • Create virtual network segments, adjust network segments, and configure service networks to meet your needs.
  • Configure different levels of connection security, and have a complete setup of virtual hosts, virtual networks, and entire cloud tenants.


Able to plan your own network architecture, and assign different IPs and networks.

Depending on your needs, you can set up different levels of protection from VCS instances to tenants.


  • Individual instance enable the setup of security groups for networking control.
  • Elastic IP enables automatic assignment of private IPs.
  • Public IPs are provided, which can be assigned to VCS instances or load balancers after subscription.
  • Load Balancing Service can be set for applications (HTTP and HTTPS).
  • Basic Virtual Firewall facilitates the setting of packet in/out rules to protect VCS instance IPs or network segments.

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