High Performance Computing

Equipped with NVIDIA® Tesla V100 GPUs, it is the largest, most complete, and classic high performance computing GPU cluster service in Taiwan. 
Not an expert in managing HPC clusters? Lack of professional IT management staff in your organization? 
Don’t worry. Based on your computing needs, Taiwan AI Cloud’s HPC will propose the required computing resources and configurations you need. It can complete the required computing tasks in batches, allowing you to focus on parallel computing applications while accelerating AI training, inferences, and high performance computing.

High Performance Computing

Taiwan AI Cloud’s High Performance Computing provides a large number of GPUs with a 100Gbps high-performance, low-latency internal interconnect network to help you:

  • Meet massively parallel computing needs. 
  • Accelerate computational iterations: HPC clustering environments can be utilized for large computational workloads.


A high-speed cascade of a large number of GPUs to solve the bottleneck of massive data transfer between GPUs and achieve large-scale GPU parallel computing.

Scheduling multiple GPUs across nodes to achieve a distributed high performance parallel computing environment with performance up to 400% or more.

Large bandwidth network cascade nodes for high data transfer efficiency.

GPU Direct and RDMA architecture for an ultimate acceleration of overall computing efficiency.


  • Supporting a native HPC operating environment.
  • Use of Slurm to schedule GPUs across nodes to achieve native high performance parallel computing.
  • Barenet machine operation, no virtualization, full performance.
  • Supporting Singularity container environment.
  • Allowing you to deploy large batches of computing jobs.
  • Full integration of HFS, a fully-managed high performance distributed file system.

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