Virtual Disk Service

The storage space can be expanded for VCS instances, providing stable and reliable virtual disk space for your instances, including solid-state drive (SSD) and hard disk drive (HDD) storage options that are pay-as-you-go. With customizable capacity, it is flexible and convenient, with high availability, high consistency, and low latency.

Virtual Disk Service

Taiwan AI Cloud’s Virtual Disk Service is designed for Virtual Compute Service (VCS), which provides:

  • Different capacities and storage media to meet application requirements.
  • SSD: It is suitable for enterprise applications requiring high-performance processing and high throughput for huge data work.
  • HDD: It is suitable for infrequent access and large data that is not easily affected by latency.


Meeting high throughput IO requirements.

Expandable with additional disks at any time.

Meeting compliance requirements for information security management.

High availability.


  • Available in two storage media of SSD and HDD
  • Supporting up to 16TB of storage space on a single disk with high performance
  • Providing storage for images backing up VCS instances and data disk snapshots
  • Providing a maximum transfer capacity of 2,375 MB/sec per VCS instance.
  • Able to attach tomount and detach from VCS instancesVMs separately.

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